A cosy Autumn evening

During Autumn,I always like to stay in at home and have a cosy evening.Everything is just so much better and cosier when it is Autumn and that is why I love the season.
I have to put together a blog post showing you all what my cosy Autumn evening looks like.
imageSo the first thing I like to do is have a gorgeous Lush bath,I'm sure we can all agree that Lush is the best at doing bath/shower stuff.I used this bright pink bubble bar(which I cannot remember the name of,sorry)and I decided to squirt a little bit off snow fairy showed gel in too.I don't think my bath ever smelt so good,I did not want to get out.

image.jpeg Next,after I get out of the bath I like to put on a face mask and just chill for a little bit.I have been loving the Anatomicals face masks recently,my favourite one is the purifying charcoal one.They make my skin look so fresh,much more brighter and my skin feels so soft after using them.

image.jpegWhilst watching film or just chilling,I like to paint my nails.This time I went for this gorgeous autumnal shade my Barry M.I love these sort of colours!
Lastly,after I take of my face mask and my nails have dried.I love to treat my skin to some nice skincare.During this time of year,I get quite bad dry skin so I have been loving using the Bio oil,it just makes my skin look more hydrated and it gets rid of my dry patches.So if you are like me and have dry skin,then I definitely recommend Bio Oil to you!
So that is it for this blog post,I hope it made you feel cosy and inspired you to have one of these cosy evening yourself...
I was very kindly gifted the face masks by Anatomicals,so thank you very much.I loved them!
Thank you,
Beauty Obsessed


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