Autumn makeup favourites

We are now well into Autumn and I've decided to pick out some makeup bits that I have been loving so far this season...

First off,we have the Tarte Styled by Hrush palette.This has some absolutely stunning shades in it,especially the shade 'Royal'.It also has a blush in it,which I love as it is such a lovely colour.

Next,I chose the Too faced sweet peach palette.I used this eyeshadow palette a lot in the summer but I have noticed that it actually has some gorgeous shades for Autumn in it too!Especialy the shades 'caramelized','puree' and 'summer yum'.

I didn't know whether to feature the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette as it doesn't really have many autumnal shades in it,however I seem to be reaching for this palette a lot recently!I feel like this palette can be used all year round.It has some lovely shades in.I especially love to use the shades 'half baked','tease' and 'velvet'.

I decided to chose the Rimmel Kate sculpting palette because I feel like the shade of this highlight,contour and blush is perfect for Autumn as they are not warm shades but cool shades.The contour shade in this is my favourite,I don't think I've ever used such a good contour product!Most contour prouducts that I have used before would not stay on all day but this has changed everything for me.It lasts all day.It's a perfect colour for everyone.It's just perfect and I love it.The highlight and blush is also beautiful too.

image.jpegIt was actually very hard to pick my favourite Autumn lipsticks,however I have managed to pick my top 3.The first one is the Mac lipstick in the shade 'mehr'.This is a gorgeous dark pink colour,literally it's so gorgeous!
The next one is a lipstick from Primark.Yes you heard a right,a lipstick from primark!I didn't really think that primark lipsticks were going to be very good if I'm honest with you but I still decided to get one to see what it's like...It has really changed my mind,I love the shade of it and the best thing is that it lasts nearly all and it is a bargain too(I can't remember exactly how much it was but I think it was around £1!).
The last one that I chose is the Mac lipstick in the shade 'whirl'.I think this one has to be my absolute favourite out of the 3!The shade of this is so beautiful.It is a lovely brown shade,I am so sad that the photo doesn't do the justice for this lipstick because it is such a gem!If you are wanting to buy a new Mac lipstick but you don't know which one to go for,then I really recommend to go for this one!
I hope you all enjoyed this post :)
Thank you,
Beauty Obsessed


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