Best skincare products for dry skin

Hello!Welcome to this blog post...This blog post is in collaboration with another blogger(Melissa),she has done a blog post all about products for oily skin,so if you have oily skin then head over to her blog and have a little read.The link to Melissa's blog is : .Go show her blog some love as she is so lovely and her posts are fab!
So,now onto the actual products that a great for dry skin...
Firstly,Elizabeth Arden '8 hour cream'~This stuff is so amazing for dry skin!I've got a mini travel size here but I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size product.This perfect for me because I get dry patches on my skin and whenever I do,I just go straight to my skincare drawer and get this little beauty out!I just pop it straight onto the dry patches overnight and when I wake up,they're gone.You can also use this on your lips,if you have dry lips,or even your hands,if you have dry hands.
Next,Nivea face cream~I've already spoken about this in another blog post,but this I love to use this moisturiser,I feel like it really does help my dry skin.I'm not really sure if it also works with oily skin but it probably will.It is very affordable too!
Next,Nivea 'gentle caring' micellar water~I love to take my makeup off with this.It's so gentle on your skin,I don't think I've ever used anything like this before.It's perfect for if you have sensitive skin too.
Lastly,Coconut oil~I have already sponken about coconut oil before in another blog post,but I feel like this makes my skin so much better!When I put this on my face it makes me think that I don't have dry skin anymore,I just love it!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post,make sure to check out Melissa's post and also her amazing blog.


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