Christmas gift guide-High end

The time has finally come where I can now start my Christmas posts!I am so excited as this is my first time doing Christmas posts as I only started blogging in April this year.
The thing I actually love the most about Christmas is giving presents.Whenever I buy someone a gift,I always get so happy and cannot wait for them to open it.Something about giving is just so magical!
Here is my 'high end' Christmas gift guide...
This gift guide is a mixture of different presents(for her)that you could give to someone very special to you.These presents are definitely a treat!
Perfumes- I think that perfumes are such a great idea as a presents.Especially high end ones,like this Estée Lauder Modern Muse one!I know myself that when I have been gifted a high end perfume,I always just wear it on special occasions and whenever I do it just makes me feel so nice and special.
Jewellery- Jewellery is definitely a gift that you should get for a very special person to you.Jewellery is an amazing gift,for example like this Pandora bracelet or Pandora birth stone ring,it will always be worn and whenever you look at it,it will always remind you of things like memories!A watch is a great idea too!
Makeup- If you know someone who is obsessed with makeup then buying them a makeup will always be a safe choice!Something like this Urban decay Naked eyeshadow palette or this mac lipstick will definitely make them happy!
A camera- If you have a friend who is a blogger or a maybe family member who is a photographer then a camera is such a good present to get them!Especially one like this Samsung Galaxy camera.This would be a very thoughtful gift that would last a lifetime!
There are definitely lots more things that you could get however,this is the end of my High end Christmas gift guide.I hope you enjoyed reading it and are looking forward to my other Christmas posts...
Thank you,
Beauty Obsessed


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