Easy waffle recipe

Hello everybody!Recently I asked you guys over on Instagram if you would like to see a recipe post of how to make these delicious waffles on my blog,many of you said yes.So here is the post many of you have been waiting for...I was going to post this blog post tomorrow however,last night I hit 800 followers over on my Instagram account(how crazy?!)and I decided that as a thank you,I'm going to post this recipe for you all today.
So as the title of this post says,this is a very easy recipe,which only has 6 steps.The most important thing is that you will need is a waffle maker and unfortunately you will not be able to make these without one.
Here is the recipe:
•200g of margarine(not spread/butter)
•1(nearly full)glass of sugar
•3 eggs
•1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
•1/2 litre of milk
•2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
•500g of flour
•Waffle maker
•Hand whisk/kitchen aid/mixer (I used a hand whisk in this recipe but you can choose what you would like to use)
Step 1
Firstly,In a big mixing bowl,mix the eggs and the sugar (using the hand whisk).
Step 2
Add the flour (not all at once) and the mix again.
Step 3
Add the milk and mix again.
Step 4
Add the margarine (cut it up into little pieces,don't add it in all at once) and mix again.
Step 4
Add the baking powder and mix again.
Step 5
Add the vanilla extract and mix again.
Step 6
When the mixture is finally looking smooth you can stop mixing and you can start pouring it into the waffle maker.
Put the waffle maker on and leave the waffle mixture in there for about 2/3 minutes (keep checking on them) until they are golden brown.
And they you have you have your delicious waffles!I like to have mine with jam and whipped cream and sometimes with some fruit...
I hope you liked this post,it was quite a different one but I enjoyed writing it :)


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