How I achieve a flawless base

When it comes to makeup,having a flawless base is the most important thing (in my opinion).Without a flawless base you can’t really achieve a nice face of a makeup.I have called this blog post ‘How I achieve a flawless base’ however I must admit that my base makeup isn’t always flawless but I thought I’d just share with you all the things I do and the products I use to try and achieve a flawless base.


1. Moisturise

This is always the first step I do as it is the most important.I have quite dry skin,so for me using a moisturiser is a number one priority as it helps to keep my face hydrated.I usually use a moisturiser instead of a primer as I feel like it just does the same job.I know that it won’t really help to keep my makeup on all day like some primers do but I know that it will keep my skin hydrated.I have recently been really liking the ‘Naturally Radiant’ moisturiser from Superdrug.

2. Use a hydrating mist

To really make sure my skin is hydrated,I will top off the moisturiser with a hydrating mist once the it has dried.Alongside the moisturiser,I have been loving the Vitamin E hydrating mist from Superdrug.

3. Foundation

For foundation I always use the Maybelline ‘Fit me’ foundation.I do sometimes try out other ones but I will always reach back for this one!I just love how easily it blends into the skin and also it looks like actual  skin!

4. Concealer

Recently in the sales,I bought the Urban Decay ‘Naked skin’ concealer and I have not used a different  concealer since!I got it on offer for only £9.50 and I am so glad I got it!It blends out like a dream and gives you the most perfect amount of coverage.

5. Powder

As I have mentioned,I have quite dry skin,so I don’t always use a powder.However when I do,I use the Rimmel ‘Insta fix & matte’ powder.I like this powder as it really just ties everything together and makes your skin look lovely!

So that is everything I do and the products I use to try and achieve a flawless base,after which I will put the rest of my makeup on...

Let me know in the comments what your favourite base products are.

Thank you,

Beauty Obsessed


  1. Great post!! I've heard good things about the Vit E range from Superdrug and I'm looking to shake up my skincare routine so I think I'm gonna give it a try and see how I get on.

    Emma x

    1. Thank you very much!Yeah,you should definitely try it out,I really recommend it x


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