How I style ‘The Red Jumper’

 I find that this time of year is the hardest to know what to wear.You look outside the window and think,how many layers will I need on,do I need a scarf?You don’t know if you’ll be warm enough because one minute it will be pouring down but it will be sunny the next.However,I think I have found that jumpers are probably best thing to wear during this time of year because I can guarantee you that if you put on a jumper and just throw a coat on top,you will be warm enough.

I am a very basic girl when it comes to clothes.I hardly ever wear anything that’s coloured,I always just wear a plain top and a pair of jeans and think that that will just do,but not this year...This year,I have decided to be more adventurous with my clothing,to wear bright colours and to wear stuff even that I think will be out of my comfort zone.


Not that long ago I found this beauty in the sale in New look!And YES it is brightly brightly coloured!I never thought I could get into the trend of the red jumpers but I was wrong because this is my new favourite jumper!!It is not too thick or too thin,it is just perfect.

I like to style it with these jeans that are also from New Look which I absolutely adore.They are probably the first if jeans that I found to fit me so well!I know this outfit may still look quite boring to some of you but at least I have improved a little bit which for me was quite big improvement.

This blog post is quite short but I thought I thought I’d just post it anyway.I am going to try posting more fashion posts as I actually really enjoy writing them.

Thank you,

Beauty Obsessed


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