June favourites

Hello you lovely people!I am back with my June favourites.This year is going so fast and I just cannot believe that we are now half way through 2017.I am going to stop talking about how fast it is going and actually show you some of my favourites of this month...
image.jpegimageSo firstly,I have been loving this gorgeous Diary,it is a bit like a planner.I use it for school and for my blog post ideas too.I actually got it from pound world for £1!I know you all probably thought it was from somewhere else but no,it is from pound world!I love the design in the front of it too,i think it's so fun pretty.

image.jpegSecondly,I have been going back to the good old Mac lipsticks this month!After trying out various different lip stick,I always tend to go back to Mac lipsticks.My favourite one is in the shade Velvet teddy,it is like the perfect nude colour.

image.jpegLastly,I have been loving this gorgeous Sephora bronzer/blusher.I have alert featured this bronzer in another months favourite but I feel like it needed to be featured again.This bronzer is perfect for the summer and gives you a very nice bronze look on your face,it is not too dark.
So that is all for my June favourites,I know it wasn't a lot of things but this is what I have genuinely loved this month.I hope you enjoyed reading...


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