My 2018 goals

2017 has gone so fast,I literally feel like I’ve just blinked and it’s gone but it was such a fun year.This year,I didn’t set myself any goals,I just went with the flow.However,I have decided that in 2018 I am going to set myself some goals just simply because I want to see if I can achieve them.
1-Put more effort into my blog photos & posts
In April,it will be one year since I started my blog.So,I haven’t even had it for a year yet but I feel like I haven’t been putting as much effort as I need to be into it.Next year,I am planning on making some changes to my blog and hopefully I will put 100% effort into every blog post I write and every photo I take.I’m not really that happy with my blog at the moment if I’m honest so I really can’t wait to make the changes in 2018!

2-Exercise more and eat more healthy 
I feel like this one will probably be on everyone’s 2018 goals list but it is such an important one.In 2018 I am going to try keep more fit because this year I must admit that I’ve probably only exercised about 5 times (oops) .Along with the exercising I’m going to try eating more healthy too.

3-Be more adventurous with my clothing 
I have always been that type of girl that will just wear jeans and a basic top nearly every single day.So In 2018,I am going to sort out my wardrobe and get rid of boring clothes or ones that I will never wear again and I will do a massive online shop of new,more adventurous clothes.

4-Do more reading
I have read quite a few books this year,however not as many as I would’ve liked to.So in 2018,I will try and find more spare time for reading books.

5-Do more of what makes me happy 
This is a very important one.Most of the time I don’t really think about myself that much,I always think about other people more.So,I  think I’m to going to try thinking about myself more and doing things that I like doing and that make me have a big smile on my face because being happy is so important!

6-Be more organised
I have already bought myself a planner so I can’t wait to start using it!In 2018,I’m going to try making more lists and write  stuff down of what I need to do.I feel like when I write something down I can kind of get it off my mind a little bit and be more relaxed about it and not panic about not getting stuff done it time.

Now,that’s it for my 2018 goals.I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as I really enjoyed writing it.What are your 2018 goals?Make sure to let me know in the comments.
Thank you,
Beauty Obsessed


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