My April favourites


Hi guys!So...I know I haven't been posting for a while,that is because I took a little break as I have been very busy with school and thing so I am very sorry for that.However,I am now back and I am more than happy to be back!
So I am here to tell you guys about my April favourites :) (this month went by so fast!!)
Firstly,I have really been into reading this month,whenever I have had some free time,I would always go sit in my room and read for a little bit!The book that I have really been living at the moment is~Girl Online,Going solo,by Zoe Sugg.This book came out last year however I didn't get round to reading it,however so far it is amazing.I have read also read all of Zoe's other books too!
I have also really loved using the Too Faced~Sweet peach palette this month.This palette is amazing for spring,it has so many amazing shades in it,the eyeshadow safe so pigmented and the palette also smells like peaches(which is amazing!)I will be posting a blog post on this palette soon...
Also,this Sephora bronzer has made its way into my favourites this month.I just love love love this,it makes my skin look so bronzed and glowy,I love using this on sunny days!
I have also really enjoyed using the Zoella 'Let's Spritz' body mist.This smells incredible,the smell is very lovely and fresh and it's not overpowering at all.This is a lovely body mist for spring!
Also,I've loved using the Soap & Glory 'hand food' hand cream.This just makes my hand feel very soft and smell amazing!It just does the job and it soaks in really fast too!
I have also enjoyed using coconut oil.This is actually incredible!You all need to get this!Coconut oil can be used for so many thing,such as,a daily moisturiser,for cooking,it can replace your hair condition...and many more things.To know that this is natural and it does the job very well,is amazing!I use this as a moisturiser(I have dry skin,so this works wonders!)
Along side the coconut oil,I use the Nivea moisturiser.I adore this product!It's amazing for if you have dry and sensitive skin.Often,whenever I use a different moisturiser,my skin gets very irritated and I get lots of patches all over my face ,as I have sensitive skin.However,this does none of that,instead it just makes my skin feel very soft and moisturised!
If anyone has read this,then thank you very much!😊


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