My Autumn essentials

Hello everyone!Happy October!It feels like I have not written a blog post in absolutely ages...I am indeed very sorry about that.Obviously I have started school again now and I am more busy but I will always try to atleast write one blog post a month.
For my first Autumn blog post I have decided to tell you guys about my Autumn essentials.
So,Autumn is my favourite season of the year.I love it because you can finally get all your knitted jumpers and candles out.However,most important of all,I love it because your house just suddenly starts to feel really cosy.
When it comes to Autumn,I always have some essentials which I need for the season,here they are:
A Pom Pom hat-I hate it when my ears get cold so I always like to wear a hat.I feel like hats just make your outfit look so much cuter so you just cannot go wrong.
Hot chocolate-In Autumn I love to read a book whilst sipping on some hot chocolate  with whipped cream and marshmallows on top.Hot chocolate is actually one of my favourite drinks.
A body lotion or hand cream-During Autumn,my skin tends to get really dry so I always like to moisturise my hand and body just before I go to bed so that when I wake up in the morning,my skin feels very nice and soft.One of my favourite body lotions to use in this time of year is the Zoella ginger cream one(it is from Zoe's range last year)because it smells like gingerbread.
A candle-If your room does not have atleast one candle lit in it right now then what are you even waiting for?!Whenever I think of Autumn,the first thing that actually pops into my head is candles.Candles are probably the most important thing to have in your house if you want it to feel cosy.
A perfume-Now that summer has ended and Autumn has started,I have gone away from the fruity and flower scents.I now like to use my more sweet and deep scents(I am very bad at describing scents so hopefully you all know what I mean).One of my Faves at the moment is the So Fragrance perfume in the scent 'Dark romance'.
A scarf-Scarves are so important during Autumn in my opinion.Whenever it's chilly outside,I like to just wrap myself in a scarf.I love scarves.They keep you so warm and can jazz up any outfit.
A jumper-I haven't actually got a jumper in this photo but it is obvious that we all NEED a jumper during Autumn.I own about 20 different coloured jumper but I have no shame...
A burgundy lipstick-During Autumn all I will ever wear on my lips is a burgundy shade lipstick.I feel like that shade just makes your makeup look so much more autumnal.The one I have been loving recently is one from primark,it was only around £1.50 too,which is amazing!!
There are mag other thing that you need during Autumn but these were the things that are my essentials.I hope you all enjoying reading this post and that you are excited for the next one.
Let me know down in the comments, what your most important Autumn essential is?
Just before I go,I just wanted to say that I actually received the perfume in this post from the brand So Fragrance,along with with some other scents too.So I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to them for working with me.


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