My current favourite fragrances

I cannot believe it is already November!Where has this time gone?!However,as it is now getting closer and closer to Christmas and Autumn is kind of already fading away, decided to start a new kind of 'theme' this month.
For my first post of the month,I have decided to share with you some of my current favourite fragrances(if not my all time favourite fragrances).
I hope you all enjoy the post...
These gorgeous perfumes have been favourites of mine for quite a long time,however I always want to try new ones and I forgot about these ones.
This month,I have been reaching back for these literally every day!

Modern Muse-Le Rouge- Estèe Lauder
This scent is a kind of more stronger floral scent,I am very bad at describing scents but this one is just beautiful.

Marc Jacobs-Daisy dream
This scent is again a floral scent but it has a kind of sweet hint to it.This is such a gorgeous girly scent.

Perfumes are such good ideas for Christmas presents,I personally love getting perfumes for Christmas,I think they are lovely gifts.
That is the end of this post,I hope you are all looking forward to my other posts this month...
Thank you,
Beauty Obsessed


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