My favourite ever foundation and concealer at the moment

Hello everyone!Happy Sunday...
Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite ever foundation and concealer because I feel like you are all missing out if you haven't already tried these two gems.
As you may have already seen in the picture,yes...I am taking about the Rimmel 'wake me up' foundation and concealer. These two products are hidden gems.They are very affordable as they are from the drugstore side and they are probably better than some of the high end foundations and concealers.
I would say that the foundation is medium coverage but I feel like it will be different for different people.I have quite dry skin and I love how the foundation makes my skin look so healthy and glowy and not at all dry.
I do still love the concealer,when I use the two products together I feel that they definitely 'wake me up' and make my skin just look the best it's ever looked.

I'm not trying to make any of you go out and buy this foundation or concealer because it may not work for you.I just wanted to let you know about these products because some of you may be looking for a new drugstore foundation or concealer or you have the same skin type as me...
I hope you liked this post,thank you for reading.
I am definitely going to start posting more fashion and lifestyle posts as I feel like most of my posts are just beauty themed.


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