My outfit choice on a cold spring day

Hi guys!
I am here to show you my outfit choice on a cold spring day :)
Spring is now here...In the Uk,we get some days that are very warm,however we can get some days that are still quite very chilly!
The jacket is from h&m~it cost me £39.99.I love this jacket,i think it goes very well with quite a lot of things and it's very good at keeping you warm on the odd spring chilly days.
The top is from Primark~I'm not too sure how much it cost,but I think it was around £6.I love to wear this top,especially because of the colour!
And last but not least...the black ripped jeans are from New Look~they cost me around £20(I think).These jeans are perfect,they go with literally anything!
If anybody has read this,then thank you very much! :)
I hope you have had a lovely day!


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