My top 4 must have summer makeup products

Hello!This is my second blog post of the day,I am on a roll...These are my top 4 (I was planning on doing 5 but I've only just realise there are only 4 products in the photo)must have summer makeup products...
When It comes to doing my makeup in the summer,I like to go for quite a peachy look and I feel like all these products definitely look very summery.
Firstly,the Too Faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette-I absolutely adore this palette,in this summer I like to use the gorgeous peachy shades.
Secondly,the Mua velvet lip laquer-I love the shade of this matte lipstick(I can't tell you the shade as the sticker has came off it).When you apply it and I completely dries,it goes to a goes to a gorgeous peachy shade,it looks quite different on the lips to what it looks like in the tube.This is a drugstore product too!
Thirdly,the Makeup Revolution vivid baked highlighter-This is probably the best drugstore highlighter I have ever tried!It is absolutely beautiful!
Lastly,the color trend blush-I love this blush however I cannot tell you which shade it is in because I have had it for quite a while make so the writing on the sticker has rubbed off.This will always be my good old favourite.It is just the perfect colour for summer.
That is it for now,I hope you all liked this blog post...


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