New Rimmel Insta collection,is it worth the hype?

Welcome back,today I'm going to be sharing my opinion with you all on the new Rimmel London 'Insta' collection...
In my opinion this is the best collection that Rimmel have ever brought out!There literally isn't a product that I don't like out of this range.
When I got all of these products,I decided to do a full face of Rimmel makeup because I use a Rimmel foundation and concealer anyway and I was so impressed!
Rimmel Insta fix & matte powder-This powder worked very well for me,it locked my makeup in place and it just looked great.Usually,my favourite powder is the Rimmel stay matte powder but this is my new favourite!
Rimmel Insta conceal & correct trio-I mainly use the purple colour in this palette as that is for brightening.I love to use this under my eyes before I apply my foundation,I really do think it works,it just makes me look so much more awake.
Rimmel Insta duo contour stick-Guys,you are not ready for this...This is supposed to be a dupe for the Kim Kardashian KKW contour stick!!🙊Yes you heard it right and it is also supposed to be even better that one!I couldn't tell you for definite because I obviously don't own the KKW contour stick but I can tell you that when I used the Rimmel one,I was so impressed!It just glided on so nicely into my face and blended it perfectly.If you haven't already tried this then you definitely need to.
Rimmel Insta fix & go fixing spray-I enjoyed using this product so much!I use this as a primer too and I feel like this is what you need if you want your makeup to stay on all day.The smell is just divine,it smells like watermelon,ahh it's just amazing!In the evening I checked my makeup in the mirror and it literally looked the same as what it did in the morning when I applied it.This is just such a fab product.
So there we have it,my opinion on the new Rimmel 'Insta' collection.As you can probably tell,I LOVED it!Also,I just thought I'd tell you guys that when I went out with my full fave of Rimmel products,so many people complemented me on how nice my makeup looked and they even asked which foundation etc I used!That just shows you how good Rimmel products are...


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