Review of the L'Oréal true match foundation

image.jpegHey lovelies!Happy Wednesday!Today I'm going to be telling you guys about the L'Oréal true match foundation...
So,after hearing hundreds of amazing reviews on this foundation,I decided to buy it and give it a go.I first bought this foundation about a month ago but I only got round to testing it out last week...
The majority of bloggers post blog posts about products that they have really got along with but I feel we need to write about the not so good things too.
So,the first thing that I noticed when I put this foundation on was that the colour was quite dark but that was obviously my fault for buying the wrong shade.Also,after I'd had the foundation on for about 15 minutes,my skin started to look really dry and the foundation had stuck to my dry patches.I have dry/normal skin,some days my skin will be dry but some days it will just be normal.I'm not sure if that was my fault,maybe I should've used a different primer etc.
On the other hand,I would say the foundation has really good coverage!That is probably the only good thing I can say about this product.
I was so disappointed because I was expecting for this foundation to be so good,after hearing so many good reviews.
Overall, I would say that if you have dry skin,then I wouldn't really recommend this foundation.However,maybe there is some people out there who have dry skin and they love using this foundation.
I may have to try this foundation out again and give it another go.If I do then I will definitely let you know if there's any difference in how I got on with it.
Thank you for reading,I hope you enjoyed this not so wonderful review...


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