Review of Nivea skincare products

Hi everybody,
Sorry that there has not been a blog post up in ages but I have been on holiday however I promise that I will be posting more often from now on.
So,about a month ago I received an amazing parcel from one of my favourite brands,Nivea!I was so excited to be working with them as Nivea has always been my go to brand for skincare.
I wanted to make sure that I gave to you the best review possible so I decided to test these products out for quite a while(a month).
So here is my review...
Nivea 3 in 1 micellar wipes-These wipes worked so well for me.They claim to even take off waterproof makeup,which I tested and found that they did.They also claim to cleanse deeply and leave no residues,I definitely found that they left no makeup on face and I felt that they did really cleanse my face well.Lastly,they claim to moisturise and leave you skin feeling soft,which I 100% found that they left my skin feeling super soft.Overall,I think that this is a great product for taking your makeup off when your in a rush,the wipes are very gentle too which is amazing!
Nivea cleansing lotion-During the summer my skin actually gets quite dry so when I found out that this lotion claims to protect your skin from drying out,I was very intrigued to test it out.This cleansing lotion,took my makeup off so well!It managed to take off every single bit off makeup off my face,even the waterproof mascara.I felt like this product definitely cleansed my skin better than the makeup wipes.Overall,I was very impressed with this product too!
Nivea cellular radiance skin perfecting fluid SPF15-So,one of the things that this product claimed to do was to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.I decided to give this product to my Mam to test out because I do not have wrinkles yet so I wouldn't be able to tell you guys if it did reduce the appearance or not...This product is to be applied daily on a cleansed face and it can be used alone or over your daily moisturiser.This product also claims to instantly even out imperfections even from the first application(!!),visibly transform skin's appearance and provide a youthfully radiant skin tone.After 4 week of using this product it claims to make your wrinkled appear reduced,improve skin cell renewal and make your skin feel smooth.My Mam used this product for around 4 weeks and found that it did slightly reduce the appearance of wrinkled,it made her skin feel really smooth and she also said that it made her skin look better and more radiant.She said that overall she was very impressed with this product and that she will definitely be repurchasing!
Nivea roll-on sun cream-I decided to take this sun cream in holiday with me as I thought that that would be the perfect time to properly test it out.I found that this product was very easy to use and it definitely did protect my skin as I didn't have any sun burn.So,overall you can't say much about a sun cream but this product was very good and it definitely worked!
That is it for the Nivea review,yet again Nivea have not upset me with any of their products,Nivea will always be a loved brand by me and my whole family!I hope all enjoyed reading this blog post and look out for some more reviews coming soon on my blog...


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