Review of the products I bought in Superdrug

Hi girls!I am back...I'm here with a review of the products that I bought in Superdrug...
Firstly,the Makeup Revolution fixing spray...When I used this for the first time,I didn't really like it and the smell of it was too overpowering.However,now that I've used it multiple times,I really like it!The smell doesn't bother me that much anymore,and it makes my makeup stay on all day without any touch ups!So,I think that for £5,this was a great purchase!
Secondly,the Freedom eyebrow pomade...When I used this for the first time,I didn't get along with it very well because i was so used to using powder products to fill in my eyebrows.However,now that I've tried to use it every day,I'm starting to like it more and more.It glides on very nicely and it's very creamy in consistency!I am quite happy with this purchase!
Lastly,the Maybelline 'baby skin' primer...This is absolutely amazing!!I have dry skin,and whenever I put on foundation,it sticks to the dry patches on my skin.I could never find anything to stop that from happening.So,when I found this,I was amazed!Whenever I primer on,my foundation looks so flawless!So,thank you Maybelline for making this amazing primer!
Thank you for reading,I hope you enjoyed :)
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