Simple Halloween makeup look

Welcome to my first Halloween post.I wasn't too sure on what type of post to do but I decided I'd do a simple Halloween makeup look.It is nothing major,like I said I just wanted to make this a simple look that would be perfect for anyone.
When it comes to Halloween,I don't actually like to go for a really out there makeup look.I always try to keep it simple.
So what I did first for this makeup look was,I just did my normal everyday makeup.
Then all I did after that was apply some orange colour eyeshadow all over my eyelid.Then I put a burgundy colour in the crease and a dark brown colour in the outer v of my eyelid.
Lastly,I just put a kind of sparkly white shade in my inter corner.Then I blended everything out to make it not look as harsh.
(The eyeshadow didn't actually turn out how I wanted it to be and also it quite in the photo so I apologise for that)
Then for the spider web,I got my black felt tip eyeliner and drew a couple of lines going outwards from my eyelid.
Next,I just drew little curves in between the lines,going from one line to another.
Lastly,to finish off the whole look,I applied a dark red lipstick(which I featured in my last blog post).
I found it very hard to explain this so I do apologise if it doesn't really make sense.If you have any question then feel free to leave a comment.
Thank you for reading,I hope you enjoyed the post x


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