Top 5 things I love about blogging

Hi everybody!Today I am going to be telling you my top 5 reason why I love blogging.I have decided to make this blog post just for my love of blogging and to tell you guys why I love it so much.
1.I get to be creative-My blog posts allow me to be very creative in my photographs etc.I can express myself in my blog photos.
2.I can do it from anywhere-I love how with blogging you can basically do it anywhere.As long as you have a laptop or a phone,you can become a blogger!I know I am making this sound quite easy but trust me it is quite hard work but it is fun and that's what really matters.
3.I love photography-Phorography is one of my favourite things to do and that is part of why I decided to start my blog.With blogging I can obviously take photos,which I love doing.
4.The lovely people I meet on my journey-I love how with blogging,you get to meet lots of lovely blogger and people.I feel like on here everyone is so supportive to each other and that is amazing!
5.Lets me improve my writing and my photography skills-With blogging you can definitely say that practise makes perfect!You can definitely improve lots of different skills with blogger if you practise and practise and practise...
So,there are my 5 top things that I love about blogging.This is kind of a different post for me,so I hope you found it quite interesting.


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