Worth the hype?Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge

Hi everybody!So,today I am going to be telling you guys if the Real techniques 'miracle complexion' sponge,is worth the hype.
As you all may be aware,these sponges are all over social media.I have always wanted to try them out but I never really got round getting one...
When it was Easter,Real techniques did a sponge hunt and I actually won two of these sponges!So I was really happy that I could finally try them out!
The first time I used this sponge,I was so shocked!My foundation has never blended so nicely and evenly.I literally couldn't believe it...I don't know how I've always done my makeup without this sponge.It is absolutely fab!I use it every day now,to blend in my foundation with
This sponge costs £5.99,it is worth every penny!
Thank you for reading :)


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