January favourites

Oh heck.January is now over and I’ve realised that I was supposed to start eating healthy and exercising but I have definitely not done any of that!Lets just pretend January didn’t even happen and we will start fresh this month in February!I must say that I actually have been eating quite healthy recently and I did go for a jog this morning but it is only the 3rd of February today so let’s see if I can keep that going.

I am so excited for this month as it is my birthday month!I can’t wait to spend time with family and friends and have fun.I’m not usually that type of person who is really excited about their birthday but as it’s getting closer I am actually getting more and more excited!

Enough of the ramble,now onto what this post is actually about,here are my January favourites...



I have already spoke about these two skincare bits from Superdrug in a previous post so I won’t go into much detail about them.I have really enjoyed using these two products.They have kept my skin so hydrated and have just been a pleasure to use.Especially the hydrating mist,it’s so easy to use on the go.



Firstly,I have really loved this I Heart Makeup blusher.I love it when something is as good as it looks,just like this little beauty!I love how it has three shades in it however I like to just swirl my brush in all the shades and it gives a really nice colour and glow to the cheeks.

The next thing is the Urban Decay naked skin concealer which I have actually spoke about in a previous post too so I’ll keep it short.The best thing that I love about this concealer is how beautifully it blends out and how it looks like actual skin.


Lastly,I’m going to put these two products together because this has been my favourite lip combo this month the Mac lipstick is in the shade ‘mehr’ and the Rimmel lip liner is in the shade ‘cappuccino’.What I like to do is line my lips with the lipliner and also put it all over the lips except the very middle.Then I like to go in with the lipstick in the middle.I love how this looks,it kind of gives that ombré effect.

That is it for my January favourite.I hope you enjoyed reading this post...

Thank you,

Beauty Obsessed


  1. So desperate to try the naked skin concealer!! Looks so pretty 👀

    1. You need to but if you don’t want to spend that much money then I’ve heard that the Maybelline fit me concealer is a good dupe for it!


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