Changing up my makeup bag for Spring.

Wahey,we are now into spring (Although it doesn’t feel like it at all because it’s miserable outside but let’s skip past that)! That means cute clothes,pretty makeup and great weather for taking outfit shots,am I right??If you can’t already tell then yeah,I am really happy that is now spring!For some reason,spring is the only season that I seem to not remember.It feels like it’s the only season that goes really fast and then you kind of forget about it.So this year I’m going to try and make the most of spring and make lots of memories so that I can remember it.Yay!Now I think that’s enough of the word SPRING,let’s get onto what this blog post is actually about...

So during spring (arghh,I said the word again,I’m so sorry pls forgive me) I like to go for that more glowy,bronzy and natural makeup look.I know it’s not summer yet so I can’t go full out but you know,I just want to get away from that pale and dull makeup that winter brings.


For primer I have discovered the Too faced hangover one which omg,it is the best thing ever guys and girls!Honestly,I nearly gave up using primer as I never felt like it changed anything or actually did anything to help my makeup stay on all day.However,this beauty has changed everything!It helps my makeup stay on so much longer than with any other primer,it actually ‘works’ !!I larvv it so much!

For my foundation,I am now using the Too Faced Born This Way foundation.I’ve had this foundation for quite a while now but it has been sat at the back of my foundation drawer because when I first tried it I really didn’t like it.I applied it with a beauty blender and something just didn’t look right,I just really didn’t like how it looked.However,I recently decided to try it with a brush and it is now my new fave foundation!I find it so weird how I thought I was never going to use this foundation but now I use it every day!This foundation is so nice and makes your makeup look so natural.

For cream contour and highlight I have discovered the Tanya Burr cheek illuminator in the shade ‘Forever summer’ and the contour stick in the shade Medium/Dark.I love using these because the fact that they are cream,makes your makeup look so much more natural.

For blush I am using the Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush in the shade ‘Pink rose’.I’m really bad at describing stuff like this but I love the shade of this.It’s just the perfect blush shade,that’s all I’m gonna say.

To finish of my makeup I’m now using the Too fave hangover setting spray(this can be used as a primer too),this just gives that lil extra something and makes your makeup stay on even longer!

So,that’s it for everything that I’ve decided to change in my makeup bag.I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully found it a little bit useful.

Thank you,

Beauty Obsessed


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