A spring outfit from Primark.

Hey lovelies!So today,I’m here with a fashion post,yay!It is gonna be quite a short one but a good one,I promise.I can’t wait for you to see how cheap this outfit was!!I have just kinda given you a lil spoiler so now let’s get onto the actual post...

Today,we’re talkin Primark.One If my fave eva shops.It’s so affordable and still has so many gorgeous trendy bits.So,I’m gonna be show you all an outfit which I created from Primark.It’s not anything ridiculously amazing but it’s a lovely every day spring outfit.


This outfit cost me a total of £14.My favourite part about this outfit is definitely these gorgeous culottes!They are in this lovely dusky pink colour and they tie at the front.These pants cost me £10 and I mean if that isn’t cheap then I don’t know what is!!I absolutely adore them!

I paired them with just this classic t-shirt which I think makes the outfit look more like an every day outfit,whereas if you wanted to wear these pants somewhere more ‘fancy’ then you could pair them with a nice lace top or something along those lines.This top cost me £4,which is an absolute bargain!

So that’s really about it for this post,I know it was a quite a short one but you know,how much can I write about a top and some trousers.Anyway,if any of you have never been to Primark then where have you been hun?!You definitely need to go because you really are missing out,Primark also do really good dupes for things like the Gucci belt which I didn’t actually manage to get as it wasn’t in my local Primark :(

That’s enough from me,I hope this post wasn’t as boring as I think it is and hopefully you guys liked this outfit.Let me know your thought in the comments :)

Thank you,

Beauty Obsessed


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