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Let’s get straight into today’s post.So,in today’s post we’re gonna be talking about blogging on a budget.From personal experience,blogging on a budget can be quite hard I must say.When you see fellow bloggers buying the latest make up,Diptyque candles,Gucci belts and whatever else I can name that I don’t have,it’s really hard not to get tempted to buy all that expensive stuff.A lot of people may disagree with me but for some reason,I think that people who own expensive things always end up doing much better then people who don’t.Even,when I see that someone has posted a picture on Insta with a Jo Malone candle in the background,I instantly think Wow this photo is amazing!It’s really weird,I know!I hope at least one person can agree with me though (pls).

When you don’t have the latest makeup to review on your blog,it may be quite hard coming up with blog content that people will actually be interested in reading but I have made this post to say that all of that is wrong.You can still be an absolutely amazing blogger even if you don’t have all the latest and expensive stuff!!Blogging isn’t about that,you don’t need a ‘professional’ camera or everything else that other bloggers have that you think you need.If your thinking of starting blogging but you don’t have anything that all the ‘big bloggers’ have and that’s stopping you,then no no no,you are completely wrong!You can start from scratch and end up being a ‘big blogger’too.Everyone starts from scratch.

You just need to be creative,you don’t need to follow the crowd,come up with something of your own and that people will enjoy and trust me your blog will grow real fast.I know it will be hard to do so but in the end you will get there no matter what.It is hard.It is hard trying to stand out from the crowd in the blogging world but you just need to be yourself and that is what will make your blog unique.

Work with everything that you already have,for example in blog photos,a pillow or a blanket can be a really good prop.

Also,I know that when I’m writing this,I sound like I know everything but I really don’t!Trust me,I need to take some of my own advice too.

I hope this post has helped some of you out,if it’s just one person,then I’m still happy with that :)

Thank you,

Beauty Obsessed


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