Let’s catch up.

Hey you lovely bunch.Ya girl is back (kinda) !Grap a cuppa and let’s catch up...


Basically I haven’t been feeling very well recently and life has just simply got in the way.My mental health has been giving me a really tough time and I just haven’t been very happy.You know how life can’t always be good and sometimes you have bad times,well I’m experiencing one of the bad times now.But that is life and I’m accepting it.

I have faith and I believe that everything will eventually get better.I always say to myself that so many people are in much more situations than me right now so I should be thankful anyway.I also strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and I think I’ve actually found out the reason for this whole situation.

I’ve learned to be thankful.I will now never let a day,where I feel well,go by without being thankful for it.When life is going really good and we feel fab,we’re never really thankful for it because we think that is the norm but actually when we experience something like this,it opens our eyes up.We realise how lucky we actually were when we felt fab.Obviously,it’s even worse for people who have serious illnesses and are fighting for their lives and I’ve realised that,so I even count myself as lucky now.

I’ve rambled on for too long now but I really hope I start feeling better soon so that I can start writing more blog posts and being more active on my social media.For the time being,I will sometimes write blog posts if I feel up to it and I will sometimes pop onto my social media to check what everyone’s up to but I won’t be as active as I used to be.

Thank you for reading my post,

Julia :)


  1. You're incredible- take your time and treat yourself with all the care and love you deserve (which is a lot!) Loads of love x


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