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Getting creative with CaseApp

When it comes to phone cases,I’m usually that type of gal who goes for a plain old clear one.I don’t really know why,it’s just a habit of mine that I have had every time I get a new phone.However,everything changed when CaseApp contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their stuff.

I have always seen CaseApp’s Instagram account pop up on my feed and I have always wanted to try out one of their phone cases because they look so stylish and Instagram worthy.So,when they contacted me,I was over the moon!I decided to choose 2 phone cases off their website and now,let me tell you guys and girls,they are stunning...

If these aren’t the nicest phone cases you’ve ever seen then I don’t know what are!!

So now,let me tell you guys all about CaseApp.They literally do everything,I’m not even kidding.They do personalised phone cases,personalised laptop skins,pre made phone cases,pre made iPad cases and so much more...

I wasn’t sure whether to design my own case or choose a design so I had a…

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