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It’s okay not to be okay.

Helloooo!It honestly feels so weird for me to be writing a blog post again but I kinda missed it,I’m not going to lie!So this post is going to be quite an open one,I’m going to be chatting about my mental health and how it is okay not to be okay and also I’m going to give you all a little life update.I’m pretty nervous about writing this but I like to read blog posts that are  real and open so I thought I’d write a post like that myself.Too much rambling let’s get into the actual thing...

So I have recently properly found out that I have anxiety.Even writing this,makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t know why.I just still can’t believe how my life has changed from good to bad SO quickly.I have no clue about where it all came from but I hope to find out soon because I’m currently waiting for a letter to let me know if I’ve been accepted to CAMH’s or not.So yeah,I’m currently feeling like crap,everyday is a battle for me that I have to fight and it is very hard for me,I’m not going to…

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